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News | Lisa Mills

Sardinia, Italy

Just announced!  Lisa will be performing on the beautiful island of Sardinia, Italy at Coccodrillus between July 23-30.

Melody Place – BMG

As of May 10th Melody Place Music distributed by BMG has made Lisa Mills their first Artist signing! They will be recording her first album immediately, which will dig deeply, both geographically as well as musically, into a celebration of the great southern music and...

Talking Blues Session

Lisa Mills with renowned music journalist Eyvind Rønning for a Talking Blues Session at Nidaros Blues Festival 2019 from 15.00 – 16.00.

Gospel Gala Sunday

Lisa Mills added to the Gospel Gala Sunday show for a short opening set at Nidaros Blues Festival, Trondheim, Norway, featuring Ruthie Foster, Eric Bibb & Steffan Astner, and the Trondheim Gospel Choir. Sunday April 28th. Tickets:...

Duvelblues 2019

Duvelblues 2019 presents Lisa Mills (USA) Her crib didn’t happen to be on the banks of the cradle of the blues. This in artist grew up between country and gospel, but during her performances, gold, doorleefde, soulful blues is served....

Blues Fest Eutin

Lisa Mills named ‘Artist in Residence’ for the 30-Year Anniversary of Blues Baltica in Eutin, Germany May 18-21, 2019.

Nidaros Blues 2019

Lisa Mills to perform solo and with a band at Nidaros Blues 2019, Trondheim, Norway April 26 and 27th. Booker T Presents a Stax Revue and a Journey thru Soul, Blues, R&B Plus: • The Black Sorrows • Booker T. Jones • Roffe Wikstrøm • Mighty Marith and Her Mean Men...

Du Blues au Diapason

As part of the OMAC festival agenda, the town of Pont-du-Casse was lucky to host a live music performance by Lisa Mills, who received the Nappie Prize of the best Blues Artist and whom Led Zeppelin’s lead singer, Robert Plant himself, recommends for her “marvelous...

UK Europe Tour January 2019

Lisa Mills  returns to Europe for shows in January 2019. See her at: 11/01 Topos Leverkusen; 14/01 at London Blues Week at  The 100 Clubwith Chantel McGregor for AGMP Concerts; 22/01 at  The Robin 2 in Bilston; 24/01...

‘Little Room Sessions’ Walter Anderson Museum

“I wrote this song after my experience with Hurricane Katrina. I was living here in Ocean Springs. So I feel like it’s the right song to do in this sweet little house by Walter Anderson.” – Lisa Mills