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New Album “The Triangle”

  1. Greenwood, Mississippi
  2. Tell Mama
  3. Slip Away
  4. I’d Rather Go Blind
  5. That’s What Love Will Make You Do
  6. I’m In Love
  7. Same Time Same Place
  8. A Place Nobody Can Find
  9. That’s How Strong My Love Is
  10. Someone Else Is Stepping In
  11. I’ll Always Love You
  12. Traveling On*
  13. Members Only
  14. Just Walking In The Rain


                                              * CD only


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Originally recorded by Little Richard in the early 1970s in Muscle Shoals, Mills’ rendition of “Greenwood, Mississippi” is the first single release off of her upcoming album, The Triangle, and is a tribute to the incredible sound and feel of the great southern soul music of the 60s and 70s.  Mills recorded the track with some of the original musicians in the same studio where it was first recorded.

The Triangle is full of wonderous story-telling music from the triangle that is Memphis, Muscle Shoals and Jackson, Mississippi.  As Mills traveled on her musical journey, she recorded songs that were originally recorded in each city she visited and became one with the songs she recorded along the way.  Mills brings her own unique interpretation to “Greenwood, Mississippi,” along with the rest of the songs on the album

The album features historic and local musicians backing Lisa on the songs that were brought forth in each locale. 

“We wanted to make a traditional R and B/Blues album that preserved the spirit of the original songs, while giving them a fresh new life and point of view,” said Mollin.  “Backed by a wonderful group of legendary musicians, working in the most important musical southern cities and their most historic studios was such a great thrill. For me it was the trifecta. Lisa gave each song her own special character, and it was a great pleasure producing her. I truly feel Lisa is one of the greatest soul singers I have ever heard.  Now we get to share this first single with others in the hope that everyone has as much pleasure listening to this song as we had recording it.”


1st Single “Greenwood Mississippi”

"The Triangle" - Streaming