Washington Blues SocietyJan 09

The goal of a songwriter is to paint a picture with words and music. Seems simple enough. Hardly. Alabama-based singer songwriter Lisa Mills felt so strongly about getting the picture right she launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and hired Grammy winning producer Trina Shoemaker to re-record her 2005 album I’m Changing. The result is a [...]

Blues in the NorthwestJan 04

Here is without doubt one of the best releases of 2014, and perhaps fitting it is my first review of the new year . . . the Mississippi-born; Mobile, Alabama-based Lisa Mills beautifully meshes country, gospel, blues, soul and more together . . . with the necessary heartbreak at times and joy at others. A [...]

Rambles.netDec 30

“I’m Changing is not just another album by another white woman influenced by black music, but something, while generally recognizable in style, also distinctive and uniquely worth hearing. Mills sings, plays and writes with rare authority.”       Lisa Mills, I’m Changing (independent, 2014) As an author I have some experience of what goes [...]

Phoenix Blues Society/Blues BytesDec 30

“It would be nice if all reclamation projects turned out as well as Lisa Mills’ reworking of I’m Changing.  She has one of the most compelling voices that I’ve heard in a while.  This is a disc that would fit in any music fan’s collection.” “…the result, just released on her Mills Bluz Records label, is [...]

No Depression MagazineNov 07

The last couple of months have seen some fine blues and roots releases, but people, the bar has been raised, and Lisa Mills is the one responsible. I’m Changing is one of the best and most pure recordings in recent years. Mills is a singer with a stylistic range that careens from bluesy to jazzy, floats across [...]