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News | Lisa Mills

Pensacola News Journal – Music Under the Stars

While traveling from Germany to France, Lisa Mills spoke about her schedule, some of her musical career, and her arrival back to the states to play for the lucky souls of the Gulf Coast. On April 20, starting at 6:30 p.m., at From The Ground Up Community Garden, 501 N...

Mississippi Public Broadcasting ‘Amped & Wired’

Lisa Mills’ taping of the show at Duling Hall this past July 30, 2016 is set to premiere Friday, April 7th at 10pm on Mississippi Public Broadcasting. It will air again Sunday, April 9th at 11am. It will also be available on MPB’s web site here:...

Blues Zeppelin- Radio Bern

Tune in for Lisa Mills guest appearance with  Mark Stenzler of Blues Zeppelin – Radio Bern (RaBe) 95.6 MHz Switzerland, January 15, 2017 9:30am CST.

‘Live from Avalon’ Alabama Public Television

The Live from Avalon videotaping for Lisa Mills show will be broadcast January 31, 2017 at 10 PM on Alabama Public Television.

Sounds Magazine (UK) Lisa Mills Interview

LISA MILLS INTERVIEW December 10, 2016 By Vienna Borowska The undefinable Lisa Mills is back in the UK! Following the sell-out success of her 2015 UK tour of remastered debut I’m Changing, Lisa is back with a new album literally fresh off the press. Despite driving...


Lisa Mills : 2016 Music Artist of the Year BY THE SOUTHLAND MUSIC LINE DECEMBER 2, 2016 2016, 2016 MUSIC ARTIST OF THE YEAR The Southland Music Line devotes its attention to spreading the word about the music, venues and musicians that we are privileged to encounter...

‘National Rock Review’ Lockerbie Jazz Festival

Lisa Mills at Lockerbie Jazz Festival in Gretna, UK Adam Kennedy 30-Sep-2016 Blues, Concert Reviews, UK US-based blues chanteuse Lisa Mills arrives in the quaint Scottish border town of Gretna, a place which is not usually known for music but instead for its shotgun...