Music fans can help kick-start album project for MillsApr 06

Music fans can help kick-start album project for Mills
By: STEPHEN CENTANNI | April 2, 2014

Kickstarter has given music lovers worldwide a chance to help in the creation process of an album. This website allows bands to set a monetary goal for the creation of their album. Afterwards, the public is allowed to donate money in exchange for various perks from the band, ranging from private concerts to pre-release copies.

Many Gulf Coast bands have enjoyed the benefits of Kickstarter. Now, blues diva Lisa Mills is asking the public to help her in financing her next project.

Courtesy Lisa Mills
Mills is “reclaiming” her first studio album “I’m Changing.” Her desire to go back to the beginning came when she found an old copy of “I’m Changing” while cleaning out her home studio/office. After listening to the album, Mills decided that her vision for “I’m Changing” was lost during its creation.
For her, the album is “incomplete.” In order to finish her vision, Mills is asking for $30,000, and this money will be well spent. She has enlisted Grammy winning engineer Trina Shoemaker to add her touch to “I’m Changing.” This money will also finance musicians, studio time, graphic design, publicity, radio promotions, and many more moves that will be beneficial to the reclaiming of her album.

In exchange for their generosity, Mills’ fans will receive a variety of rewards, depending on the amount donated. Donators could receive everything from early releases of “I’m Changing,” autographed posters featuring original artwork, and even their name included in the album’s liner notes. Visit Kickstarter for more info.

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